I have been stuck on this book. A young widower.
It’s so devastating. And it gives me this feeling of numbness. I am almost finished.
The idea of losing someone, makes me not want to love at all. However I am much to late for that at this point. But a review will be up soon!

I had stopped reading because of the holidays and such. But I have picked it back up! THIS time I am very close to finishing!

Happy Monday!
The weekend was actually a pretty good one. My parents are out of town for the past few days, so I have been staying at their house with my younger sister. Which has been weird, but really fun. Sleeping in my old room has been kind of nostalgic. Woke up in panic not remembering where I was. But I am excited to go back to my house, and get back to my regular schedule!

Some of my latest favorite products.


I am quite obsessed with Not your mothers brand.


I have a lot of their products, dry shampoo, regular shampoo,conditioner, leave in conditioner, Curl cream. It is all really great on my hair, and never weighs it down. so I get awesome bouncy soft curls. (FAV kind) I’m an anti crunchy curl girl.





Citron Honey Tea

This shit! #bomb It has become my cure all- sore throats, body aches, feeling like you are on the verge of a cold. Can’t sleep. Your friend is being annoying, can’t shit right. Bored. TAKE THIS SHIT. My co worker put me on, and I love it now. I have to stock up on this! You can get it from a Korean Market Place

A few scoops of this with hot water and you are running the world in a few days.



I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS LIP STUFF- It’s matte and it lasts OMG does it last. I love the way it looks. Literally makes my lips look like instagram lips. You know those pictures where girls lips are just perfect looking. At times it can be a little drying however I always put a LITTLE chap stick prior to putting this on, and than make sure it dries completely. THAN POW I HAVE SOME SEXY MATTEY KYLIE JENNER LIPS- yeehaw.






Also I am really enjoying this new moisturizer! It’s called Ashley Tucker. It is lightweight, not greasy. Absorbs quickly and keeps my very oily face matte! I LOVEEE IT I got it in my ipsy bag. Speaking of which, I really feel like they stepped their game up. Loving a lot of the brands and products they have been sending me.

Hot Chocolate Run 5K/15K Chicago

We did it for the sweaters.
They are really nice, and I actually ended up really enjoyed running afterwards. It was kind of rewarding seeing the finish line.
I am extremely sore, and in pain. But I will probably do another marathon. I actually want to start running. Who would have thought!

We ran with Andre’s cousin James (Jimbo,Chepe,Chips) He ran his ass off, beat his previous time. Made Andre and I look like chumps. Big ups to him though #goals
Andre was super great running with. He motivated me, and pretty much made sure I kept moving my ass. Which is much appreciated because at one point I was ready to veer off and run right into the nearest bar\place that sells food and beer.

Also: The review for Amber Rose’s new book will be up mid week! Finishing up the last few chapters 😀

Another Day Another headache\ Dollar

So I am writing to you again

Because work is slow.

Because I am over today

Because I miss you.

Because because

Because Reasons.


That was an excerpt from an amazing poem by the world renowned Ashley Marie. This is an exclusive excerpt given to us by the great gods. It’s super deep and meaningful.

Moving forward. I Have been putting together all my work outfits on polyvore. So I can remember them and not repeat. I am going to post them. I have been using it for a long time and just recently remembered that I can link it to this! Hey Hey Hey

I actually completely forgot about the main reason for this post. I had a whole thing planned. A whole idea, it was all complete and shit. But Now I am just rambling hoping it comes back but that hope is dead at this point. All I can focus on is how I may or may not die tonight.

I am selling my couch on craigslist, and someone wants to buy it. WHICH IS GREAT. The whole point of me posting it on there. However now that someone is going to pick it up- I feel my death is eminent. She says she is a women and is picking it up today. Like what if she just shoots me? People are crazy. You NEVER know what they are capable of. Sure I have a super gnarly dog. Sure there is a gun in the house. But like. Fuck- What do any of those things mean, when someone is PLANNING to kill you. They have a PLAN, A plan B. An exit plan. And I just have ideas and worrys. IF IM DEAD YOU KNOW WHY.