Chiraq Opinion

“It’s a satire based on Lysistrata. Spike Lee is known for directing tongue in cheek satire to highlight serious issues. I don’t think you can criticize a movie based on a trailer.

Comedy is a broad term while satire is specifically designed to poke fun at specific flaws in people or institutions largely in an attempt to draw attention or evoke change. It is a genre focused on highbrow social criticism. Lysistrata is a play about women who withhold sexual privileges from their men in order to negotiate peace in war. Lee is setting it in Chicago, one of the most violent cities in the country, in order to draw a parallel and highlight the issue in current times. As artists and “free thinking individuals”, we should be responsibly educating people who do not understand satire so they do not think this movie glorifies anything instead of lambasting a film no one in the general public has even viewed yet.”

A good Friend of mine, Marie Tredway– Wrote this.
I think she articulated her opinion, (and mine) it in a way that I couldn’t have.

To add to her point of view. I really appreciate Spike Lee and all that he does for the black community. He hires black writers, actors, crew members etc. He gives POC opportunities. Always bringing in new talent.  Unlike other black directors cough, Tyler Perry.  He casts POC in all roles. Not just the stereotypical ‘token black friend role, or the “Latina house keeper.” He puts people where their talents fit and can thrive in.  THAT is appreciated. He creates respectable roles that POC  can fill. Giving actors opportunities to show case their talents, which can lead to more roles.  Like how many token black friends, fast speaking sassy latinas, large black women that can sing\ are really funny, can there be?! I respect Spike Lee for what he does for the people.

Link to Lysistrata
Chiraq Trailer

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