5 days. 2 boobs. No bra 

Bras hurt. 
They are uncomfortable. Who invented these things? Did they hate women? 

    The feeling of taking your bra off after a long day… Amazing. 

I gave up bras for the week.  Just to see. To some this is no big deal. Some never wear bras. I commend you. 

But I don’t exactly feel comfortable being without a bra. I’m larger on top & I feel that most of the women that go braless have smaller chests. Braless Ashley hangs out in one place, this is in the comfort of her home.

Braless Ashley hit the streets this week. She went to work. She sat at her desk with her boobs not perfectly held up under her shirt. But instead they hung out naturally, and comfortably

A few things happened.

1. Stopped getting up from my desk as often as I normally do. 

2. I didn’t do my midday stretch where I stretch my back out because my bra makes my back hurt. 

3.  I completely avoided all my male co workers as much as humanly possible. Haha 
Day One.  

I went with a cami under my work shirt to  give me some control. Mainly nipple control because everyone knows offices can get chilly. Even though fully clothed. I felt so naked. I avoided any movements that would make them jiggle. Haha (writing this is actually really funny.) 

Day two. 

I went with a more blousey type shirt. To keep Braless Ashley, a secret. In the world outside of work. I would have forced myself to not be secretive. But since I’m in the workplace, I got to hide behind my need to be “work appropriate.” Which was nerve relieving. I’m not really ready for Braless Ashley to hit the city. 
Day three/four: 

Went just as smoothly as the other ones. Aside from when my coworker pointed out that my nipples were hard. She’s cool, so it wasn’t world ending but still made me shit a little in my pants. And wonder, who else has noticed and just didn’t say anything. She said, “ugh you are brave!”(Me brave, HA! I’m silently struggling not to die of embarrassment about someone noticing my chest) 

Day five: 

End of day, Dare I say it? I feel a little bad ass. A little confident? A little like my back hasn’t been hurting all day? Oh yeah.    

 What world am I in, where this is possible. The bra-less world! 


Going bra free is the way to be. However can I actually do this at work? Probably not, because I need to get up from my desk more. Haha what I will do is buy more bras without an underwire. And possibly more camis in a size smaller, to keep my lady friends more at bay.

 I plan to be Braless in the city soon. Maybe I will lose the shyness and go all out. That’s a big maybe.
I went out to see my friend perform in her show! And I was Braless & no one knew. MuahahahaHahaha