Music has always been such a huge part of my life.  I love listening to music.

when I find new music that I like. I OBSESS over it. It’s very weird but if I like a song, I will listen to it on repeat nonstop until I get tired of it. I have listened to one song on repeat FOR DAYS.

If I like an album, I’ll listen to the entire album in order over and over again until I get over it. With no breaks of other music.

Anyways. The songs above are all songs that I’ve either rediscovered, discovered, or I’m late for. I’m usually late on music bc i am too preoccupied playing one song on repeat for way to fucking long.

And I’ve been listening to them in this particular order on repeat. The order wasn’t conscious because I often make playlists that are totally in order for a reason. I



sometimes i feel like i can articulate exactly what i feel.


but most times when i start. i feel like i cant write fast enough or it’s never right.

or i get so caught up in grammar and not making any mistakes. i over edit until everything isn’t what i wanted.


so i just plan to post photos because photos are easier than words sometimes.





and sometimes i want to post blog shit about skin care and hair care and all the other stuff i love.

But how jank are those posts? they feel so over done.

but ill do it if i want. bc my skin has been A1 FINALLY and i feel like it would be a good thing to share.