sometimes i feel like i can articulate exactly what i feel.


but most times when i start. i feel like i cant write fast enough or it’s never right.

or i get so caught up in grammar and not making any mistakes. i over edit until everything isn’t what i wanted.


so i just plan to post photos because photos are easier than words sometimes.





and sometimes i want to post blog shit about skin care and hair care and all the other stuff i love.

But how jank are those posts? they feel so over done.

but ill do it if i want. bc my skin has been A1 FINALLY and i feel like it would be a good thing to share.


Caitlyn Jenner

I have debating on posting on about Jenner, Jenner makes it a point to always stay in the media.

And it’s very annoying to me. At any given moment I can drop at least 10 MORE IMPORTANT topics that people should be talking about. But what does that really say about me writing this post.


When I too, can really be writing about more important topics. I guess in my defense. Certain topics are so deep, and need to be written out very carefully. I just don’t have the time to really construct a piece that can hit every point, and defend every idea good enough to be thrown into the world. So I will hang out in the kiddie pool where I can write a quick opinion and get it out. Without the guilt of not thinking it through completely.


So I am just going to start with some of my brutal honest opinion. Without any political correctness. Because this is my damn blog.

I think Caitlyn Jenner is a fucking idiot, that has NOT one clue what it is to be a women. And if she did, she would not be making a fucking fool of me, my gender and I.

She is blinded by her born gender,race,economic privilege. She lacks compassion. (Which is just a good person trait, not gender specific) Actually pains me that I am typing she. She has made statements like, The best part of being a women is putting make up on and getting dressed in cute clothes….. That is so insulting to me.

The best part of being a women to me. Is that I have a vagina. Which may be weird to say, but I really love mine. I think vaginas are beautiful and are the secret to world peace, and the universes are hidden inside of me. I carry a piece of the world and so does every other woman and when we get together. We are everything. I love my body, and how it feels, changes, the way it curves at my waist. I love how deeply I can love. The way my body and mind are connected. My breasts, and how full they get upon arousal. Being a women, is so sexy. I love how sexy I can feel. I can be everything and yet nothing at all  within a second.

Caitlyn Jenner will never know what being a women is. I say this because she has yet to change any of her political, social, emotional views. I try to be very understanding to the trans community. Does the trans community really even welcome Caitlyn? I don’t even think my topic involves the trans community… It’s just Caitlyn all on her own is one contradicting ass.  Moving on.. When you feel that you are a gender other than what you were given. Wouldn’t you be involved more in that gender? You would embody,relate, understand the things that, the female gender feel. Because ultimately that’s what you are saying you are. Other trans people like, Laverne Cox. I like her and what she does for women. She is a positive educated, well thought out women. I praise her for constantly pushing the agenda for what women can do. And not be limited to do. So for Bruce to say she is a women, and always has been. Is bullshit to me. Or maybe regardless of what gender you can be. You just can be a fucking idiot across the board. Bruce is a fucking jag bag so Caitlyn is no better.

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-Bette Midler Twitter