Another Day Another headache\ Dollar

So I am writing to you again

Because work is slow.

Because I am over today

Because I miss you.

Because because

Because Reasons.


That was an excerpt from an amazing poem by the world renowned Ashley Marie. This is an exclusive excerpt given to us by the great gods. It’s super deep and meaningful.

Moving forward. I Have been putting together all my work outfits on polyvore. So I can remember them and not repeat. I am going to post them. I have been using it for a long time and just recently remembered that I can link it to this! Hey Hey Hey

I actually completely forgot about the main reason for this post. I had a whole thing planned. A whole idea, it was all complete and shit. But Now I am just rambling hoping it comes back but that hope is dead at this point. All I can focus on is how I may or may not die tonight.

I am selling my couch on craigslist, and someone wants to buy it. WHICH IS GREAT. The whole point of me posting it on there. However now that someone is going to pick it up- I feel my death is eminent. She says she is a women and is picking it up today. Like what if she just shoots me? People are crazy. You NEVER know what they are capable of. Sure I have a super gnarly dog. Sure there is a gun in the house. But like. Fuck- What do any of those things mean, when someone is PLANNING to kill you. They have a PLAN, A plan B. An exit plan. And I just have ideas and worrys. IF IM DEAD YOU KNOW WHY.