I can only write from one point of view.

my own.

My opinions, ideas, come from the point of view of a 24 year of Latina girl. Simply put.

Everything about me, creates my opinions, thoughts, feelings.

I am not every woman, every Latina, 24-year-old, every girlfriend. I am not white, I could never tell you how a white lady feels. I am not black, I could never tell you how being black feels. I don’t have a penis. So I can’t tell you about problems that penis having people have. I just can’t. So my opinions may not apply to you, but that is okay. That is why you have your own.

 This is the only woman I can be, I am the only woman I can speak for.

 When people carry this idea through their writings. I feel that it takes away from me, because someone decided to be every woman. Female gender does not  have 1 identity.